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Hi there.  My name is Adam Jones.  I am an Australian singer songwriter guitarist in the genre of Alternative Country Rock.

I live near Melbourne, Victoria Australia.  I started playing guitar and singing at the age of 10 receiving some lessons in classical and then steel string folk, classical piano an music theory.  I started writing songs and playing them to friends and family from the age of 15.  My mother and 2 sisters did 8 grades of piano and my maternal grandmother was a gifted opera singer, so there wasn’t a moment when I decided to be a musician, it evolved for me with the full support from my family. I am a direct descendant on my mother’s father’s side, of the still in-print 17th century mystic poet, Henry Vaughan.

My early influences include listening to a lot of Beatles, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Rodriguez, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, & Deep Purple.  Anyone with a melodic, meaningful, simple song has inspired me as well.

I usually start by writing the lyrics, making sure I use structure from the start, taking care with the number of syllables per line, rhyming, verse and chorus structures and thinking about what kind of music I will put to the lyrics, then I pick up the guitar and just start playing a few chords and/or riffs that honour the feel of the lyrical content, trying to come up with something a bit different to all my other songs.  This process of writing lyrics then putting them to guitar music usually takes around 1 hour for each song and in the last few years I’ve written about 100 songs per year.

Paul Kelly is a big inspiration to me and it was awesome to hear his latest album “Life Is Fine”.  I admire his longevity.  Neil Finn is another great songwriter who has inspired me.

My music is quite dynamic and I write in different styles such as, modern blues, rock, folk and some alternative country styles (more Eagles and Neil Young than traditional country).  People always seem to comment on my energy on stage, and say that I look like I’m really into it and having lots of fun while I’m performing.

My favourite artists of all time are The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin.  They were very creative and broke new ground, producing some amazing songs, with beautiful instrumentation and great lyrics.

One of my favourite films is Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian”.  Its a great laugh and a classic flick.  I really enjoyed a book series called “Clan of The Cave Bear” when I was a teenager. I finished reading all books in that series, written by Jean M. Auel (I think). I love the Australian bush and beaches. Port Stephens is one of my favourite spots and a great place to visit.

With a recent move to Melbourne in August 2018, I am now positioning myself to gig as a solo artist and with a backing band.  My album ‘Little Death’, was released by Foghorn Records on 29 September 2017.  On 2 June 2018 I went into the studio and recorded an acoustic version of each of the 12 tracks from my album.  I have made a music video for ‘I Want Love – acoustic version’, which will be released worldwide by Foghorn Records as a single on 17 August 2018, then on 28 September 2018 an Anniversary Edition of Little Death will be reissued with a bonus acoustic version of the album.

I am now working on my next album to be released next year.  Stay tuned for more news and gig announcements.

A Bit About My Genre Of Music

In the 1990s the term alternative country, paralleling alternative rock, began to be used to describe a diverse group of musicians and singers operating outside the traditions and industry of mainstream country music. Many eschewed the increasingly polished production values and pop sensibilities of the Nashville-dominated industry for a more lo-fi sound, frequently infused with a strong punk and rock and roll aesthetic. Lyrics may be bleak or socially aware, but also more heartfelt and less likely to use the clichés sometimes used by mainstream country musicians. In other respects, the musical styles of artists that fall within this genre often have little in common, ranging from traditional American folk music and bluegrass, through rockabilly and honky-tonk, to music that is indistinguishable from mainstream rock or country. This already broad labeling has been further confused by alternative country artists disavowing the movement, mainstream artists declaring they are part of it, and retroactive claims that past or veteran musicians are alternative country. No Depression, the best-known magazine dedicated to the genre, declared that it covered “alternative-country music (whatever that is)”.

Alternative Country Rock History

Alternative country drew on traditional American country music, the music of working people, preserved and celebrated by practitioners such as Woody GuthrieHank Williams, and The Carter Family, often cited as major influences. Another major influence was country rock, the result of fusing country music with a rock & roll sound. The artist most commonly thought to have originated country rock is Gram Parsons (who referred to his sound as “Cosmic American Music”), although Michael NesmithSteve Earle and Gene Clark are frequently identified as important innovators. The third factor was punk rock, which supplied an energy and DIY attitude.

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